Fabulous Fishing in Matagorda County, Texas
By Cheri Sicard and Mitch Mandell

fishing in matagorda county, texasMATAGORDA COUNTY , TEXAS, USA --The fishing is fabulous in Matagorda County, Texas, an as yet undiscovered by the masses (2006) nature and outdoor enthusiast's dream destination.

Matagorda County's unique position at the juxtaposition of the 900 mile long Colorado River and the Gulf of Mexico makes it one of the country's finest angling areas. No matter what your fishing preference and style - casual hobbyist to professional angler -- Matagorda County, Texas has something for the angler in everyone.

Fishing Experiences Available in Matagorda County



Matagorda County Fishing Records

fishing in matagorda county, texasMatagorda Bay has been the origin of four Texas state record holders including a 33 1/2 pound tripletail, a 45 pound black drum, a 13 pound speckled trout, and an astounding 23 pound redfish!

If you have a competitive nature you'll find special fishing events and competitions throughout the year in Matagorda County. You can find a schedule of events, as well as fishing license regulations at the Matagorda County Economic Development Corporation website listed at the end of this article.

Fishing Spots and Guides

There are lots of places to fish all over Matagorda County, but to truly nab the big ones, you may want to enlist the help of a professional. You can find lots of good fishing guide services in Matagorda County that can customize trips to meet your needs and experience level.

These professional guides will take you to all the best spots and can also provide all the necessary gear, equipment and bait, making this an easy no brainer expedition.

For a compete listing of fishing guides, check out the Matagorda County Economic Development Corporation website listed at the end of this article.

a day on the bay, jp arnoldFor something more than an ordinary fishing trip - if there ever truly is such a thing, look to A Day on the Bay Services. Owned and operated by Captain James Arnold, assisted by his brother Ozzie. A Day on the Bay will customize a Matagorda Bay experience for you. The Arnold brothers have been commercially and sport fishing these waters for over 40 years and they know every nook, cranny, inlet and island. If there are fish to be had (and there are always fish to be had in Matagorda County) the Arnold Brothers can find them. But more than acting as just a fishing guide, James Arnold seeks to educate, entertain and enlighten his customers, awakening them to the countless aspects of subtle beauty and the delicate coastal ecosystem they might have otherwise missed. Guests can chose to catch shrimp or oysters, redfish or trout, or just take in the breathtaking scenery of Matagorda Bay and its surrounding estuaries, abundantly filled with wildlife. We enjoyed our "Day on the Bay" so much, we did a separate story about it. Click here.


If you find yourself in Matagorda County without access to a kitchen, don't worry, just take your catch to the Outrigger restaurant in Palacios (pronounced pul-lash-shus) where for a small fee, they'll cook it up and serve it to your table. Click here for more details about this fun local hangout where you'll find the world's best fried shrimp!

Awesome Redfish Recipes!

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Redfish with Sizzling Crab and Herbs


For a full listing of fishing guide services, as well as information about licenses, limits and regulations, visit www.DayOnTheBayServices.com.

The Outrigger Restaurant is located at 311 East Tres Palacios Avenue in Palacios, Texas. The restaurant does close some days during off season months, so before visiting be sure to call 361-972-1479 or click to